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During one week, the plant breeders' innovation area met in Marrakech to discuss the main challenges of innovation and protection.

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Advocacy for Plant Breeders' Rights worldwide

CIOPORA's Mission


CIOPORA is the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Horticultural Plants. 

Our association brings together plant breeders, breeder associations, plant Intellectual Property (IP) experts, and consultants, whose joint efforts are aimed at the development, improvement, and harmonization of Plant Variety Protection (PVP) systems worldwide.

CIOPORA advocates for Plant Breeders' Rights, representing its members' interests before UPOV and the national Plant Variety Protection authorities, educates all participants of the horticultural value chain on various aspects of IP for plant innovations and raises awareness towards the importance of IP for the development of global horticulture.



CIOPORA is based on the shared belief in the value of innovation and the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) for plants for the sustainable development of horticulture. CIOPORA membership is open to breeders and title-holders of asexually reproduced horticultural varieties, breeders' associations, professionals active in IP right and asset management in horticulture, and lawyers/law firms with expertise in the plant IP.

CIOPORA is a tight-knit community that benefits from the mutual support and knowledge sharing. Learn more about CIOPORA membership:


CIOPORA's virtual and in-person events are key-platforms for continuous dialogue between plant breeders, IP practitioners, academics, and policymakers on the status quo and the future developments in
Intellectual Property protection for plant innovations. 

Besides its Annual General Meetings, conferences, and podium discussion, CIOPORA also fulfills its education mission via the CIOPORA Academy -

a unique educational program on IP for plants designed specifically for horticulture professionals. 

CIOPORA members enjoy a 50% discount on all CIOPORA events and education offerings.

Education Program

The CIOPORA Academy 

Learn about the upcoming and past webinars of the CIOPORA Academy and Breeding Academy on the dedicated website.


CIOPORA Newsletter (Non-members)

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