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CIOPORA - Uniting Breeders, Protecting Innovation

Plant breeding is an elaborate and cost-consuming process. It may take a plant breeder more than a decade to develop a new plant variety with an enhanced set of characteristics. The progress in breeding in horticulture and a great diversity of horticultural products on the market can only be guaranteed by means of effective Intellectual Property protection for plant innovations. For 60 years, CIOPORA has been actively contributing to the development of effective systems of Plant Variety Protection (PVP) worldwide. 
CIOPORA is a community of breeders of asexually reproduced horticultural plants. It is globally accepted as an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization seeking to establish effective IP protection systems for horticulture. CIOPORA enjoys the observer status at the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV).
Law Books


IP Advisory

CIOPORA works on strengthening the
systems of IP protection for plants by
advising governments on the content of
laws and effective enforcement.

CIOPORA Structure

CIOPORA is an association operating under the Swiss law and has its registered seat in Geneva. The CIOPORA Administrative Office with the seat in Hamburg, Germany, is headed by the Secretary General.
The supreme authority of CIOPORA is the Annual General Meeting of its members. The control over the affairs of the association is entrusted to its Board headed by the President of CIOPORACIOPORA members participate in the crop-oriented and topic-specific subentities - the CIOPORA Crop Sections, Working Groups and the Lawyer Panel.


The CIOPORA Bylaws are the basic governing document of the association. In the text of bylaws, you will find all the necessary information about CIOPORA's structure, goals, objectives and membership, as well as its sections, committees and working groups.
Bylaws of CIOPORA
Updated April 2019
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