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The basis of CIOPORA's community is a strong belief in the importance of innovation and its effective protection for the sustainable development of horticultural sector.

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  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - learn about best practices in IP for plants from CIOPORA's global IP network and enjoy unique learning opportunities at member rates in the framework of the CIOPORA Academy program


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CIOPORA membership is open to breeders and title-holders of asexually reproduced horticultural varieties, comprising the 2/3 of its member base, their associations, horticulture professionals active in the area of IP asset commercialization, and IP lawyers and law firms.
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Membership Program 2020: Breeders, title-holders, agents & associations 
ENGLISH - Updated August 2020
Membership Program 2020: Breeders, title-holders, agents & associations 
Special membership offer for Universities and Research Institutes 2020
ENGLISH - Updated Dec 2019
Membership Program 2020: IP Lawyers 
ENGLISH - Updated Jan 2020

Michael D. Carriere

UC Davis InnovationAccess, USA

"As a technology transfer professional working with plant varieties at UC Davis, my membership in CIOPORA provides access to the tools required to ensure our plant IP and licensing activities are informed by current global best practices from both the public and private sectors. A CIOPORA membership provides exceptional value through educational offerings and experience exchange among plant IP professionals worldwide."

Erin Wallich

Summerland Varieties Corp., Canada:

Our small breeding company is actively creating processes for enforcing IP rights for our protected varieties around the world, which is a major challenge given the complexity of our industry and the varied laws of each country. CIOPORA provides access to a global network of highly knowledgeable professionals who are involved in similar activities and willing to share their valuable experience and best practices.

Micha Danziger

 Danziger "DAN" Flower Farm, Israel:

In its dialogue with growers and trade, CIOPORA continuously stresses the importance of new and improved varieties
for the sustainable development of the

green sector. Furthermore, CIOPORA

represents our interests before CPVO and UPOV and advocates for such important issues as regulation of DUS testing,

the use of DNA in enforcement

activities, and Essentially Derived


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