Our privacy policy

Privacy policy

At CIOPORA, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

The privacy and security of the information provided by our members, supporters and other visitors of our website are highly important to us.  Therefore, we would like to explain you how, why and when we collect personal information about you and the rights and choices you have in relation to your personal information:

Should you have any questions regarding this policy and our data processing practices, please send us an email to info@ciopora.org with a copy to anna.kaehne@ciopora.org, or write us to our postal address:


Deichstrasse 29

20459 Hamburg



This policy is reviewed regularly.
This policy was last updated in June 2018.

Who we are:

CIOPORA is the International Association of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties.  Breeders of such varieties account for two-thirds of all Plant Variety Rights (PVR) titles in the world.  Since the association’s foundation in 1961, CIOPORA has represented such breeders in all matters of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection and has worked to foster an environment throughout the world in which the creativity and innovation of its members can flourish.  CIOPORA is a member-based, non-profit Swiss organization with its administrative office in Hamburg, Germany.  


Who is collecting your data?

The data you provide us either via your membership or supporter application or with your direct consent (registration for our events, your direct requests for subscription to our newsletters in any written form, etc) is collected and stored by the CIOPORA Office. In some cases, where CIOPORA uses external online services, such as but not limited to Eventbrite.com (event registration) and Wix.com (the CRM of our current website), your data is also processed and stored according to the terms of use and the privacy policy of these external service providers. We do not share your data with any other third parties and do not process or analyze your data in any other way.

Why do we collect information about you?

To be able to contact you, we collect certain personal data that allows us to identify you and to connect with you. Our regular communication with you via the CIOPORA newsletters, including the CIOPORA IPisodes, updates on IP and related business practices, event invitations and announcements, constitutes the core of our relationships with you and is one of the services CIOPORA provides you.


What type of information is collected?

CIOPORA collects only the data necessary for your identification and communication with you, including your full name, your business email or an alternative email address you provide us with, your position, your company, its postal and billing addresses, telephone, and fax.

While registering for the use of the member area of our website ciopora.org, you provide us with your email only. We do not have any direct access to your password or your Facebook/Google+ data if you sign in via these channels.

How is your information used?

CIOPORA uses your data for mere communication purposes, i.e. newsletters, invitations and the IPR related announcements, and to keep track of our member and supporter contact database.

The data collected by CIOPORA are not in any form provided to third parties without your explicit consent. However, certain personal data may be disclosed to the public – prior authorization – via the member and supporter records on our website CIOPORA.org.



How long will the data be stored for?

CIOPORA stores your data during the entire period of your membership/supportership. After termination or suspension of your contractual relationship with CIOPORA, the data are archived. Your consent will be requested for any further communications.


What is the legal basis for processing your data?

CIOPORA uses your data to fulfill its contractual obligations to you as its member or supporter, as well as a necessary step to protect your vital interests in regard of your Intellectual Property protection and for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by CIOPORA.


How is your data protected?

CIOPORA operates with adequate technical and organizational measures to help protect your data against loss and unauthorized access.


What rights do you have with respect to your data?

CIOPORA is committed to providing its members with a complete access to their personal data. Upon your request, CIOPORA will update any of your personal data where it is incorrect, incomplete or outdated. You also have the right “to be forgotten”, where, upon your request, CIOPORA will delete any of your personal data.

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