Steve Hutton is a third-generation nurseryman and President & CEO of the Conard-Pyle Company/Star Roses & Plants. He is also President of the National Association of Plant Patent Owners, member of the board of the Wholesale Nursery Growers of America and member of the International Plant Propagators’ Society. As the only CIOPORA Board member from the U.S., Steve Hutton is the main communicator of the association's policy beyond the big pond.  Elected during the AGM 2017 in Toronto, Steve will represent CIOPORA as President until at least April 2020.

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Steven Hutton

Wendy Cashmore works at Plant & Food Research Limited - a New Zealand-based science company providing research and development that adds value to fruit, vegetable, crop and food products. There she leads a specialized team which takes a cross-functional approach combining science and technical competence, legal approaches, and business acumen to maximize profitability and business opportunities for new plant varieties intellectual assets.

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Co-Vice President

Wendy Cashmore

Dr. Jan de Riek is research group leader at ILVO - The Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, Belgium. He is the chairman and the brainpower behind the CIOPORA Working Group Biotechnology. At the ILVO Dr. de Riek is preoccupied with molecular genetics and breeding research in ornamental and agricultural crops. He acquired his doctorate degree in plant biotechnology at the University of Gent. 

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Co-Vice President

Jan de Riek

Bruno Etavard has been active in the field of plant breeding since 1982. In 1988 he joined Meilland International, the world-leading company in rose breeding, as a License Manager. Bruno Etavard has been the member of IRBA, the International Rose Breeder Association, since 1988. He joined the Board of CIOPORA in 2010.

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Board member

Bruno Etavard

Peter van der Weijden is the IP Manager for HilverdaKooij BV and Florist Holland BV where he works to combat illegal propagation in the Netherlands and abroad.  Prior to these positions, he worked as a commercial manager at Fides Goldstock Breeding. Peter has worked in different capacities within the breeding industry in Holland for nearly 30 years.

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Board member

Peter van der Weijden

Dominique Thévenon is the Executive Secretary at the AIGN, the Associated International Group of Nurseries, France. She currently holds an honorary position of CIOPORA's treasurer handling the finances of the association. She is also an independent contractor in the field of IP management. Dominique Thévenon holds a degree in Law and Languages obtained at the University of Grenoble, France.

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Dominique Thévenon

Rafi Karniel is a 5th generation of the Karniel farms, established in 1882, and 3rd generation of grape breeders. Rafi is the managing director at Grapa Varieties - A family business dedicated to breeding and commercializing new table grape varieties around the world. At Grapa, Rafi personally sees to the enforcement of the company’s IP rights and advises the company on legal issues. Rafi Karniel has Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees in Law and Business Management.

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Board member

Rafi Karniel

Lars Henriksen is the managing director of PLA International, where he is responsible for the worldwide activities of the company. The specific focus of Lars Henriksen's work is the management of IP assets of PLA Int. He is also a board member at Plantinova and the chairmen of the FloriPartner A/S board. At CIOPORA Lars Henriksen also serves as the chairman of the Working Group on DUS.

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Board member

Lars Henriksen

Maarten Leune is Managing Director of the Royalty Administration International CV, the worldwide specialist in plant breeders' rights and royalty monitoring. Previously he worked as a Managing Director at the Chrysanthemum Breeders Association NV. Maarten Leune obtained his degree in Economy and Agriculture from the HAS Dronten.

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Board member

Maarten Leune

Dean Rule resides in Ecuador where he directs the greenhouse rose breeding, selection and marketing program of the E.G. Hill Company and its subsidiary International Rose Breeders LLC for the local and international markets.  He also manages the selection and marketing program of Jan Spek Rozen in Ecuador and has been heavily involved in the local IP laws and local and international enforcement and lobbying. Dean has a M.Sc. in Horticulture from The Ohio State University with a specialty area of plant and post-harvest physiology. 

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Board member

Dean Rule

Andrea Mansuino has been active in horticultural business since 1987 and is a fourth generation nurseryman, whose family has been in breeding of ornamentals for almost a century. Andrea Mansuino owns a nursery in Sanremo, which, beside the breeding and production of ornamentals and foliage, is preoccupied with the production of energy from the renewable resources. Andrea Mansuino is also a shareholder of the NIRP International, the Director of Research and Development at the NIRP East Africa Ldt. and the President of the Confagricoltura Liguria.

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Board member

Immediate Past President

Andrea Mansuino

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