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Member Area FAQs

Member Area FAQs

CIOPORA is launching a brand new member area. What does it mean for our members and supporters? 

Q1. What happens to my old login information?

A1. Our new member area will run on an external platform tailored to CIOPORA and its member community's needs. While we shall store your old login information (only your email but not your password) temporarily on this website, we have already disabled the old member area. Once the new member area launches on February 24, 2022, all CIOPORA members and supporters will be invited to complete a short sign-up process at the new member area and acquire a new login. Stay tuned for a personal sign-up invite!

Q2. How can I receive access to the new member area?

A2. All CIOPORA member and supporter contacts on file at the time of the launch, as well as CIOPORA Germany contacts who have approved the inclusion in the new platform, will receive an automated personal sign-up invite.


CIOPORA members and supporters who are not on file at the time of the new member area launch will be able to request access any time directly on the member area login page. The access will be provided to CIOPORA members and supporters only. Please make sure to use your work email while completing your request - it will help us identify you and speed up the process. Thank you!

Q3. Will I have access to the same contents, such as downloads and the member-exclusive news, in the new member area?

A3. The new member area will not only include the same contents but considerably expand the user options. CIOPORA members and supporters will have access to the entire CIOPORA network, including person and company search, the plant IP download library, member-exclusive news and updates, CIOPORA social media feed, an overview of upcoming events, and exclusive collaboration spaces for CIOPORA Crop Sections and Working Groups. 

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