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CIOPORA Administrative Office

Image by Isabella and Louisa Fischer
Dr. Edgar Krieger

Secretary General

Dr. Krieger has extensive experience in the field of Intellectual Property protection for plant innovation and has held the position of the CIOPORA Secretary General since 2004. Before CIOPORA, Dr. Krieger worked as a lawyer at an international law firm specializing in IP protection, particularly Plant Breeder's Rights, advising agricultural breeders in several hundred court cases up to the European Court of Justice. Dr. Krieger holds a Law Degree from the University of Bonn and a Degree in Business Administration from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Farmers' Exemption in Germany" at the Philipps University of Marburg.


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Micaela Filippo.JPG
Micaela Filippo

Vice-Secretary General

Micaela is an Argentine qualified lawyer with several years of experience in Intellectual Property and IT law. After working for several years in CIOPORA as Legal Counsel, Micaela was appointed as Vice-Secretary General of the association in 2024. She holds a Law Degree from the Universidad de Mendoza and a Master’s degree in Public Economics, Law and Politics in the Leuphana University. At CIOPORA, Micaela collaborates closely with the Secretary-General, channeling her passion for progress into enhancing Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) on a global scale.


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Stella Negraes

Executive Assistant

Stella Negraes, who is originally from Brazil, has been living and working in Hamburg, Germany, for over 20 years. In the course of her career, Stella has worked at BASF as well as the Consulates of Portugal and Brazil in Hamburg. In 2009, Stella joined the CIOPORA office as an Executive Assistant to Secretary General. At CIOPORA, Stella is in charge of the event management, bookkeeping, and member relations. Stella is fluent in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Paulo Peralta

Director Technical Affairs in Plant Breeding

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Paulo is a horticultural specialist with a robust background in plant breeding. He studied Plant Biotechnology at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology and graduated from an Erasmus Mundus joint Master program in International Horticulture. With several years of experience in a global leading fresh produce company, he joined the team that successfully developed and commercialized the first GM pineapple with improved nutritional characteristics. Before joining CIOPORA, Paulo worked as Senior Researcher for the famous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, where he had the opportunity to contribute to the scientific needs of the organization and its ornamental breeding program. Most recently, he became passionate about agriculture, and he has dedicated himself to hands-on farming projects and consulting on different topics related to horticultural production.

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Katrin Huhnholz

CIOPORA Academy Program Manager

At the CIOPORA Office, Katrin is in charge of the CIOPORA Academy program. Born and raised in Germany, Katrin is an experienced event manager and PR professional. She started her career organizing large-scale trade fairs in Argentina and later worked for a sports photography agency, the Italian designer brand Alessi and Reemtsma in Hamburg. Katrin’s choice of profession truly reflects her personality and early academic interests: being fluent in Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish, she has always been fond of languages, communication, and intercultural cooperation. Katrin holds a degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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Andrés Velásquez

Director PR & Communications

Andrés Velásquez is a Chilean journalist specializing in Strategic Communication, Brand PR, and Social Media. For ten years, he has developed his professional career in different companies and agencies, responsible for the creation, development, and maintenance of the image of brands such as IBM, Scania, SMU, Xiaomi, and others. He has a strong experience generating online and offline communication channels, as well as building bridges with authorities, organizations, and different audiences of interest.

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Flower Bouquet
Sabrina 2 2.png
Sabrina Alcoforado Gale

Junior IP Lawyer

Sabrina is originally from Brazil and earned a Bachelor's degree in Law in 2006, successively qualifying as a Brazilian lawyer after successfully completing the state examination. She subsequently accumulated extensive legal experience in both Brazil and the UK. In 2013, her passion for biosciences led her back to university in the UK, where she graduated in 2018 with a first-class (Honours) BSc in veterinary biosciences and in 2023 with a master’s degree with distinction in molecular biology.

During her time at university and after graduating in life sciences, Sabrina worked with intellectual property and technology transfer, working on several projects where she collaborated with scientists and innovators, assessing the patentability of their inventions, conducting patent searches, analysing prior art, scrutinising licensing agreements, and liaising effectively with patent attorneys and IP Lawyers.

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Stephanie Mitzschke

Member Relations Manager/China Consultant

As the Member Relations Manager/China Consultant, Stephanie Mitzschke oversees the Member Area and handles the technical aspects of the CIOPORA Academy, including the website. In addition, she actively supports CIOPORA in various capacities, including member/supporter relations and acquisition, research, organization of CIOPORA Academy webinars, communication, and event management. Being of mixed heritage (half Hongkongese and half German) she brings a unique perspective and cultural understanding to her role and is fluent in German, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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CIOPORA Trainee Program Graduates

Elisabeth Doody

Plant Sciences Graduate, University of California Davis

"Joining CIOPORA as a student trainee remains one of the most professionally and personally meaningful experiences of my young career. Working at the intersection of biology and business, the CIOPORA team supports plant breeders as they face a rapidly evolving landscape. While at CIOPORA, I had the opportunity to study China’s emergence as a biotechnology superpower, analyze the regulatory ambiguity surrounding New Breeding Techniques, and evaluate how pending legislation will affect the horticulture industry.


It was an honor to work alongside the CIOPORA staff- a creative and passionate team that brings compassion and professionalism to everything they do. I am grateful for the time I spent with CIOPORA and will benefit from what I learned for many years to come."

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