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CIOPORA Chronicle

CIOPORA Magazine on IP for Plants

The CIOPORA Chronicle is an annual magazine by CIOPORA (2010 to 2016 in cooperation with FloraCulture International) on Intellectual Property protection for plant innovations.


Every issue showcases a collection of expert articles, reflecting on the latest developments and challenges in Plant Variety Protection, Plant Patents, Patents and Trademarks in horticulture. Read all issues below.

The CIOPORA Chronicle 2021. UPOV 1991 - 30 Years After
The Triple Anniversary Edition

Read the CIOPORA Chronicle 2021! This special magazine edition celebrates the 60th Anniversaries of CIOPORA and UPOV, as well as the 30th Anniversary of the 1991 Act of the UPOV Convention. The publication showcases articles by the most influential individuals in Intellectual Property for plants today. Join us on a journey from the beginnings of UPOV towards its future!

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CIOPORA Chronicles
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