CIOPORA Groups & Experts

CIOPORA Groups & Experts

CIOPORA Crops Sections and Working Groups conduct important work in crops and topics within the scope of CIOPORA's activities. All CIOPORA members are eligible and are encouraged to join such groups and contribute to their work.

CIOPORA also appoints its members to take lead on the association's crop and topic-specific work. CIOPORA Head Technical Experts, Crop Section & Working Group Chairpersons as well as the Crop Leaders serve as liaisons to CIOPORA members as well as its office in their respective crops/topics and represent CIOPORA in relevant intergovernmental and governmental meetings.

CIOPORA Crop Section & Working Groups

CIOPORA Crop Sections are created by CIOPORA members to address issues and facilitate experience exchange in particular crops. All CIOPORA members active in respective crops are eligible for Crop Sections membership. CIOPORA Crop Sections are permanent groups that develop their own working agenda. Their meetings take place several times a year in locations frequented by their members, such as international trade fairs, including FruitLogistica Berlin & IFTF Vijfhuizen. For its lawyer members, CIOPORA offers pariticipation in the Lawyer Panel. To join a Crop Section or the Lawyer Panel please contact the CIOPORA office.

CIOPORA Working Groups are created by the association to address specific issues and are preoccupied with e.g. the development of projects, positions, guidances, and roadmaps. Once formed, the Working Groups mostly maintain the same member contingent. The majority of CIOPORA Working Groups are temporary and are dissolved upon successful project completion. If you require more information on CIOPORA Working Groups, please contact the CIOPORA office.

CIOPORA Head Technical Experts

CIOPORA Head Technical Experts (HTEs) for Fruits and Ornamental support CIOPORA and its Secretary General in all technical matters concerning their respective crops, provide input to Crop Section work, monitor CIOPORA's crop-specific projects and represent CIOPORA in external technical meetings. To get in touch with the CIOPORA HTEs, please contact the CIOPORA office.

CIOPORA Crop Leaders

CIOPORA members are active in a great variety of crops. In order to address issues in specific crops, the CIOPORA Board appointed Crop Leaders.
To get in touch with the Crop Leaders, please contact the CIOPORA office.

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