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CIOPORA Secretary General Delivers Opening Remarks in 1st Meeting of UPOV Working Group on EDV

Geneva/Hamburg, December 8 - In the 1st meeting of the UPOV Working Group on Essentially Derived Varieties (EDV), CIOPORA Secretary General Dr Edgar Krieger presented joint opening remarks on behalf of breeders. The event has a special significance as for the first time ever a global cross-sectoral constellation of breeder organizations presented UPOV with a joint statement on a PBR-related issue.

Underlining the intensive work conducted by the Taskforce partners on the development of a joint understanding of the EDV concept, Dr Krieger expressed breeders' concern with the very narrow scope of the EDV concept put forward in the UPOV Explanatory Notes on EDV (2017). The Taskforce organizations, including CIOPORA, ISF, Crop Life International, Euroseeds, APSA, SAA and ASTA, would therefore like to request that the next explanatory notes clearly affirm that predominant derivation is a key requirement for a variety to be considered to be an EDV. Pointing out that the EDV principle was not only introduced to prevent plagiaristic or cosmetic breeding only, Dr Krieger emphasized that important changes in the characteristics of an Initial Variety, even in essential characteristics, should not automatically lead to a new variety escaping the EDV status.

The breeder representatives look forward to the opportunity to further engage with the other Working Group members by addressing and resolving the remaining EDV-related issues in order to ensure effective implementation and enforcement of EDV conditions and provisions. In the second meeting of the Working Group on February 4, the Taskforce will give a comprehensive joint presentation on their EDV position.


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