Breeder's Right to Harvested Material: Could Breeders Benefit a Bit More Often, Please?

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This contribution is not about breaking news’. Instead, it is about something that has been and continuously remains on CIOPORA’s agenda: what subjects could our association address to further strengthen the protection afforded by Plant Variety Rights (PVR)? Among others, it is the extended protection which enables a breeder to enforce his right to harvested material of his variety.


1. Traditionally, the breeder could exercise his plant variety right only in relation to propagating material of his protected variety.

In the 1991 Act of UPOV Convention the right of the breeder was extended in the sense that, under certain circumstances, the breeder may also exercise this right in relation to harvested material of his variety.


 Picture: Katy Belcher,


2. The UPOV 1991 Convention contains the following provision on this subject: