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Join CIOPORA In-Person AGM in April in Cologne

CIOPORA invites its members and friends to the Annual General Meeting Week - our first in-person event in two years!

We at CIOPORA believe it is time for our community to come together once again in a single physical space, sharing news on IP for plants, exchanging experiences and opinions, and simply enjoying each other's company. On April 25 - 27 in Cologne, Germany, our community will come together for a reunion with the following events on the program:

April 25 - The CIOPORA Academy Workshop with four lectures on Intellectual Property protection (*program subject to change) by expert speakers. The event is open to all. Learn more & register.

April 26 - CIOPORA will hold its Annual General Meeting and internal IP discussion. CIOPORA Crop Sections, Working Groups, and Lawyer Panel will meet in the morning. This meeting day is for CIOPORA members only.

April 27 - CIOPORA invites the global breeder and plant IP community to join its IP & Enforcement Symposium and AGM Dinner. A detailed day program will be published soon. This event is open to all.

Registration for all physical events is now open. This CIOPORA AGM will be held as a hybrid event and online tickets will be added to registration soon.

Learn more about the upcoming events and registration options on our AGM website.


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