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IRBA Holds a Seminar on Customs Enforcement in Amsterdam

January 10, Amsterdam - The CIOPORA Crop Section Cut Rose/IRBA held a Seminar on Customs Enforcement in Cut-Roses in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Organized in the framework of CIOPORA & IRBA's enforcement activities, the seminar aimed at assisting cut rose breeders in their efforts to stop imports of unauthorized flowers into the EU. Along with the eight cut rose breeding companies, the event was attended by the leading specialists on IP enforcement, as well as high-level officials, including the Dutch and French Customs Administrations and CPVO.

The participants discussed practical aspects of border measures implementation in the EU, such as monitoring of imports of unauthorized flowers and the challenges of the cut rose trade. Along with the in-depth speeches on the subject held by the CIOPORA lawyer members Tjeerd Overdijk and Nadine Reijnders (Vondst Advocaten), further contributions on experiences in enforcement were made by the IRBA Chairman Bruno Etavard, Andrea Mansuino (NIRP International), Dr Edgar Krieger and CPVO's Vice President Francesco Mattina. Theo Koning from the Customs Administration of the Netherlands shed light on the Dutch customs procedures, providing practical examples. During the seminar, both breeders and authorities acknowledged the need for continued cooperation between the title holders and Customs officers in the area of PBR enforcement.


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