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CPVO Implements Financial Relief Measures for Breeders

Angers, April 27 - The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) has announced that it will implement financial relief measures for Plant Variety Right title-holders and applicants in form of the limit extensions on fee payments. The move comes after the Office examined the dramatic impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis on the green sector and the ornamental subsector in particular, inter alia reported by CIOPORA, Plantum and Euroseeds.

The Decision on Extension of Time Limits will allow title-holders and applicants:

  • to delay payments of the Technical Examination fees by three months from the date when a reminder is issued (Article 8 fees regulation);

  • to delay payments of the annual PVR fees by three months from the date when a reminder is issued (Article 9 fees regulation).

The measures are aimed at assisting companies experiencing crisis-related financial distress while ensuring the fiscal stability of the CPVO. Hence, all applicants and title-holders, who are able to do so, are encouraged to pay all invoices for annual fees and fees for technical examinations within the regular limit of one month upon reminder. The payment extensions should only be used by companies in need of financial relief.

The April 27 CPVO Decision is applicable as of May 4, 2020. The listed payment extensions shall apply to outstanding debit notes with a due date for payment until September 21, 2020, included.

CIOPORA continues to work closely with PVP offices to ensure that more extensions and relief measures are implemented by the competent authorities for plant breeders worldwide.

Watch the address by the CPVO President Martin Ekvad regarding the April 27 Decision:

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