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CPVO: DUS Tests Can be Postponed Upon Request

As provided in the CPVO Explanatory Note "Extension of time limits due to “COVID-19”, plant material submissions for the DUS testing work at examination offices that are due in the coming weeks:

  • can be delayed upon request for one year, or

  • can be delayed for a short period that allows conducting the test in the current growing period, if technically feasible.

CPVO asks applicants to submit all such requests in writing before the end of the regular plant submission period (see your CPVO plant submission request sent by the CPVO or CPVO website).

The CPVO will respond to such requests, either by confirming the requested short delay and defining a new plant submission deadline in the current growing period or by postponing the plant submission to the next growing period.

The examination fee for an application with an agreed one-year postponement will only be due at the time the actual testing work starts.

Source: CPVO.

Find all CPVO COVID-19 updates here (the page is being updated continually):


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