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CIOPORA Strengthens Leadership Team with Appointment of Micaela Filippo as Vice Secretary-General

Micaela Filippo has been appointed as the new Vice Secretary-General of CIOPORA, the International Association of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Horticultural Varieties. Micaela worked at CIOPORA from 2016 to 2021, gaining deep insights into the breeding sector and extensive knowledge of the protection of Plant Breeders' Rights.

The Argentinean lawyer holds a Law Degree obtained in her homeland. She moved to Germany in 2015 to pursue a Master's in Public Economic Law & Politics, and after that, she complemented her academic achievements with a certification in IP Transactions at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.

“I’m very excited to rejoin CIOPORA as Vice-Secretary General; ready to bring my ideas and experience to the table. My time away has only strengthened my dedication to IP rights, and I look forward to contributing to our shared vision for the future. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Dr. Krieger, the Board, and all the CIOPORA members for their trust and support," said Micaela.

After her first period at CIOPORA, Micaela worked on various aspects of IT Law, Data Privacy and Compliance. Her broad experience in different industries will enrich CIOPORA's future efforts, in its work to promote innovation and protect plant breeders’ rights.

“We are confident that Micaela will bring new practices to our team and association to protect breeders' innovation in a better way. She will work closely with me and the board to set up the future of CIOPORA and strengthen our lobby, educational and communicational activities,” said Dr. Edgar Krieger, Secretary-General of CIOPORA.

In the long term, Micaela is expected to take over as Secretary General, while Dr. Krieger will continue as an advisor to the association.

CIOPORA_PR_Micaela Filippo Vice Secretary General CIOPORA
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CIOPORA: Uniting Breeders, Protecting Innovation.


CIOPORA is the International Association of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Horticultural Varieties. Breeders of such varieties account for two-thirds of all Plant Variety Rights (PVR) titles in the world. For over 60 years, CIOPORA has represented these breeders in all matters of Intellectual Property (IP) protection and aims to foster an environment in which the innovation of these breeders can flourish. CIOPORA is a member-based, non-profit organization.


The CIOPORA Academy is a specialized international education program on IP for plants tailored to the needs of the green sector. The formats include small-group workshops and live webinars. Our learner community consists of plant breeders and other participants of the horticultural value chain, as well as IP lawyers and patent attorneys. With its unique workshop and webinar programs frequented by over 500 professionals from over 25 countries, the CIOPORA Academy aspires to be a global reference program on IP for the green business.


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