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Baker McKenzie's Global PVR Guide: Free Access for CIOPORA Members

CIOPORA Lawyer Member Baker McKenzie grants CIOPORA members free and unrestricted access to its newly launched Global PVR Guide.

About the project: The Global Plant Variety Rights Guide provides an easy way to get to know and compare different PVR systems around the world. The Guide covers 18 key jurisdictions, from China to Peru, from the USA to Australia, and from the European Union to Japan. Using the Plant Variety Rights Summary, plant breeders and PVR holders can quickly check the basics by country. For a deeper dive, the substantive Plant Variety Rights Guide provides the detail. Both the Summary and the Guide enable instant comparisons to be made between jurisdictions, reducing the time and uncertainty of PVR decision-making.

How to receive access? Visit Click "Download Summary" to get a complimentary PDF copy of the Plant Variety Rights Summary.

Fill out the Request Access Form to get access to the online version. To facilitate the processing of requests from CIOPORA members, kindly:

(a) use the name of the company as it is listed in the CIOPORA Member Directory; and

(b) type the code BMPVRCIO in response to "How did you learn about the Global Plant Variety Rights Guide?" before clicking Submit.

Please do not share the code with anyone as this is a member exclusive service.

For lawyer-members, kindly note that access will be limited to the identified CIOPORA primary contact.


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