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CIOPORA to Visit Colombia ahead of Proflora 2017

CIOPORA representatives will head to Colombia next month on the fringes of Proflora 2017 in Bogotá to meet with a number of Latin American members and partner organizations.

Secretary General Dr. Edgar Krieger along with Micaela Filippo will tour Colombia for the following scheduled meeting:

Tuesday, October 3rd

Meeting with Ana Luisa Diaz (Technical Director of ICA) and representatives from the PBR Office in Colombia (ICA), to discuss the current situation in Colombia in general and their view on the Annulment Case before the Council of State (“ICA Case”).

At OlarteMoure office to discuss the current stage of the ICA case and the best future strategies to be taken in the future.

Wednesday, October 4th

IRBA Meeting with participation by representatives of OlarteMoure, Asocolflores and UROVMEX. Analysis on the situation for rose breeders in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Thursday, October 5th

Meeting with representatives of the Cundinamarca Bureau

Friday, October 6th

Visit to Propagar Plantas to gain insight on Colombia’s situation from a breeder’s perspective

If you are interested in meeting with CIOPORA staff during their time in Colombia, please email

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