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COVID-19 Crisis Resources

COVID-19 Crisis

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the green businesses worldwide are facing an unprecedented crisis. As a breeders' association, CIOPORA sees it as a part of its mission to assist its members and their colleagues, specifically but not limited to the area of the association's primary mandate. Please find below the CIOPORA COVID-19 response resources. This page will be continually updated in the coming days and weeks.

Crisis-related CIOPORA Advocacy in Plant Variety Protection & Other Areas

During the COVID-19 crisis, Plant Variety Rights and effective and affordable IP protection for plant innovations remains the CIOPORA's primary focus. CIOPORA is monitoring the crisis response by PVR offices worldwide and has asked UPOV to help ease the PVR-related deadlines for plant breeders worldwide.

UPOV has responded positively and has disseminated CIOPORA letter request among the UPOV members (PVR authorities). 

CIOPORA also monitors the general economic effects of the ongoing crisis on the sectors that it represents. Please find below the official correspondance relating to the CIOPORA's crisis activities on behalf of its members.

March 30, UPOV's response to CIOPORA
Summary: On March 30, UPOV positively replied to CIOPORA's urgent letter request. Acknowledging the role of horticulture in the global economy and labour market, UPOV has confirmed that CIOPORA's letter will be forwarded to all UPOV member states. 
April 10, Joint letter to the European Commission - Need for extraordinary measures to support the flower & live plants sector survive the COVID-19 crisis
Summary: On April 10, a coalition of nine flower and live plant industry organizations urged the EU to implement urgent and extraordinary measures to support the European flower & live plant sector amid the COVID-19 Crisis.
March 27, Urgent CIOPORA Letter to UPOV
Summary: On March 27, 2020, in an urgent letter request to UPOV, CIOPORA asked all UPOV Member States to support the green sector. The suggested relief measures include: deadline extentions for the PBR application proceedings, including the grace periods and the submission of plant material and documentation; additional financial relief measures such as reduction of DUS examination fees and other fees or allowing for multiple installments of fees due.

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