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CIOPORA Board Meets in Frankfurt, Welcomes ISF & UPOV Guests

September 16-17, Frankfurt M. – for the first time, CIOPORA Board meeting opened doors to external guests, including representatives of ISF and UPOV’s Vice Secretary-General Peter Button, for a discussion on most pressing IP topics.

In view of the upcoming UPOV seminar on Essentially Derived Varieties on October 30, discussions in both meetings addressed the interpretation of EDV concept, whereas CIOPORA and ISF agreed on a coordinated lobby effort on this topic. The associations also exchanged information on PBR in China and India and their approaches to advocacy in these countries. Both organizations expressed appreciation for the meeting as understanding each other’s positions can help unite efforts. Beyond EDV, the discussion points with Mr. Button included Minimum Distance and the global developments in PBR. Invited guests: UPOV - Vice Secretary-General Peter Button; ISF - Secretary General Michael Keller, Chair of Breeder Committee Marc Cool, Legal Counsel Judith de Roos, International Agricultural Manager Hélène Guillot.

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