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UK PBR Office Increases Fees in DUS Testing

CIOPORA, the global association representing plant breeders, sent a letter to APHA suggesting the exploration of alternatives that don't impact breeders, thereby preserving the integrity and efficiency of the PBR system.


On May 15, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) from the United Kingdom (UK) increased fees associated with DUS testing, an action that came into force on June 1st.


According to the announcement, this increase raised the UK PBR fees by over 11%. This decision follows the rise implemented in 2023 by the same office and means that, for example, the DUS examination fees for glasshouse ornamentals will have increased by nearly one-third within 12 months.

"As a Plant Breeder association, we view this announcement with concern, because the consecutive fee increases impose significant financial burdens on breeders, who are pivotal in driving innovation and diversity in the horticultural sector. These increases not only impede their ability to access and utilize the PBR system effectively but also risk reducing future breeding efforts," says Micaela Filippo, Vice Secretary General of CIOPORA.


In order to reverse this decision, CIOPORA sent a letter to the authorities suggesting exploring other alternatives to recover the full costs of the examination process without affecting the breeders, and therefore the integrity and efficiency of the PBR system.


CIOPORA remains open to working with the APHA authorities to find a solution that benefits breeders and strengthens the PBR system. “We will keep working to represent breeders and ensure their interests are considered in the decisions taken by PBR offices, always striving to promote innovation through an effective and affordable protection system,” indicated Micaela Filippo.



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