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The CIOPORA Academy Invites to #ThursdayIsLearnDay Webinars on Technical Aspects of UPOV

Hamburg, August 24 -The CIOPORA Academy is ready to kick off the September webinar series focusing on the Technical Aspects of UPOV. The webinars will take place on September 3, 10 and 17.

The speakers of the September webinar series (l. to r.):

  • Chris Barnaby, Assistant Commissioner/PVR Manager at the PVR Office, IPONZ

  • Kees van Ettekoven, Senior PVP Policy Advisor & Chair of the UPOV Technical Committee

  • Benjamin Rivoire, Senior Program Officer at UPOV, the business focal point for PRISMA

  • Leontino Taveira, Head of Technical Affairs and Regional Development at UPOV

In three webinars, the UPOV experts will explain all practical ins and outs of the UPOV system relevant to plant breeders. The speakers will address DUS testing and related procedures, variety collections, variety description, variety characteristics and their role in DUS examination process, international cooperation in DUS, the use of molecular techniques, as well as the latest updates of the UPOV PRISMA. The goal of the webinar series is to provide an in-depth overview of the practical and technical aspects of the UPOV system.

The webinars will offer two sessions each to cover a range of time zones. The registration for the webinars is ongoing with the webinar savings package (15% off) available until September 3.



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