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New CIOPORA Member Area: Stay Tuned for Launch on February 24!

On February 24, CIOPORA will launch a brand new member platform - a new home of the CIOPORA community and a single space for the member-exclusive CIOPORA networking, groups, plant IP news, and document library. Tailored to the needs of the CIOPORA community, a VeryConnect-based member platform will offer extended options to CIOPORA members and supporters. The CIOPORA Germany members will also be onboarded, pending their approval.

The New Member Platform features:

  • Detailed user profiles for improved notification and communication options with the CIOPORA office

  • Advanced CIOPORA network contact and company search

  • Member-exclusive CIOPORA document and media library on Intellectual Property for plants

  • User-to-user instant messaging

  • A centralized feed with member-exclusive news, CIOPORA announcements, polls and social media updates

  • Collaboration spaces for CIOPORA Crop Sections, Working Groups, Lawyer Panel, and members of CIOPORA Germany.

  • Overview and registration options for the upcoming events.