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New CIOPORA Member Area: Stay Tuned for Launch on February 24!

On February 24, CIOPORA will launch a brand new member platform - a new home of the CIOPORA community and a single space for the member-exclusive CIOPORA networking, groups, plant IP news, and document library. Tailored to the needs of the CIOPORA community, a VeryConnect-based member platform will offer extended options to CIOPORA members and supporters. The CIOPORA Germany members will also be onboarded, pending their approval.

The New Member Platform features:

  • Detailed user profiles for improved notification and communication options with the CIOPORA office

  • Advanced CIOPORA network contact and company search

  • Member-exclusive CIOPORA document and media library on Intellectual Property for plants

  • User-to-user instant messaging

  • A centralized feed with member-exclusive news, CIOPORA announcements, polls and social media updates

  • Collaboration spaces for CIOPORA Crop Sections, Working Groups, Lawyer Panel, and members of CIOPORA Germany.

  • Overview and registration options for the upcoming events.

The member platform solution is designed with the highest standards of privacy in mind. Users decide what contents in their profiles are shared with other users and have full control over notification options.

Learn more about the new member platform with our video tour:

The old member area has been disabled.

All CIOPORA members and supporters on file at the time of the launch will be invited to complete the sign-up process on February 24. Other members and supporters will be able to request access to the platform at any time. The access will be granted to all members and supporters of CIOPORA. The users are instructed to use their work email to speed up the approval process.


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