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In Memory of Harry Kloppenburg

De Lier/Hamburg, July 20 - It is with great sadness, we announce the sudden passing of the Board Member of Dümmen Orange and the long-standing CIOPORA member Harry Kloppenburg (61). Harry will be remembered by his friends and colleagues as the ultimate pioneer of innovation in horticulture.

Harry was a dedicated member of CIOPORA and an experienced and knowledgable advocate for the protection of innovation across the green sector. Dr Edgar Krieger says: “I met Harry right after starting my position at CIOPORA, and we often met at trade shows and CIOPORA events. Based on his extremely broad knowledge of the sector, Harry had a clear vision of how it should be improved. One could learn a lot from him about the ornamental business, and Harry let people partake in his expertise. For years, first during his time at Fides, and later at the helm of Dümmen Orange, Harry has been a big supporter of CIOPORA's cause. We greatly valued his commitment to our breeder community and his profound understanding of CIOPORA's topics and the importance of its activities. For many years Harry contributed to CIOPORA Annual General Meetings not only with his deep understanding of the world's horticulture but also with his charming and joyful personality.Our community will miss him greatly. Our sincerest condolences go to Harry's family, friends and colleagues at Dümmen Orange".

Harry Kloppenburg delivers a speech at the CIOPORA AGM 2017 in Toronto, Canada. CIOPORA Archives

Harry Kloppenburg's professional path in horticulture was a road paved by success. Born on December 4, 1958, Harry started his career in horticulture in the early '90s as a sales representative at Fides. By the end of the decade, he became Fides' commercial director and from 2008 on served as the company's general manager.

In 2010, Harry started on a journey to integrate the breeding and supply of the top 10 horticultural crops globally in one company, thus providing the customers with a full product portfolio. The success of this endeavour led to the creation of Dümmen Orange, where he served as a co-founder and a Board member. In his free time, he loved sailing and on many occasions hosted his colleagues and customers aboard his boat. At Dümmen Orange, he strived to create a family atmosphere and was valued for his passion and perpetual drive to grow the business. Harry was always dedicated to making sure that the customer's voice was heard. The company's in Memoriam statement reads: "Harry Kloppenburg will be remembered for his contributions to the professionalization of the global horticultural industry, and we will never forget how he stimulated us to come forward with great solutions and new concepts both for existing and new customers".

Harry leaves behind a daughter and a son.

Dümmen Orange asks you to share your condolences via the following e-mail address:


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