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CIOPORA Kicks Off Minimum Distance Case Study in Pelargonium

Hamburg, August 6 - CIOPORA has launched the preparation phase for the minimum distance case study in Pelargonium reaching out to members and other plant breeders and inviting them to participate.

With the final approval of the CIOPORA R&D proposal and the study budget by CPVO expected in mid-September, the practical study aims at the re-evaluation of distinctness of some Pelargonium varieties in accordance with the CIOPORA Position Paper on Minimum Distance and a mock technical protocol compiled by CIOPORA. CIOPORA has pre-selected eight Pelargonium pairs/groups (in total 17 varieties) to be grown by Bundessortenamt in a trial. The results of the study will have no effect on the current titles but may help in further discussions on the subject at UPOV, CPVO and the national level.

The case study was initiated by CIOPORA to address the growing concerns among the CIOPORA members about the shrinking distances in some species on the market. In CIOPORA's opinion, too close minimum distances between varieties weaken Plant Breeders' Rights granted for such varieties.


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