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CIOPORA Breeders' Guide to Brexit - UPDATED 30.01!!!

Photo by Habib Ayoade on Unsplash

*Please note the update in the CIOPORA Breeders' Guide to Brexit on 31.01.2020 Download the CIOPORA Breeders' Guide to Brexit (member area)

Many events have occurred in the Brexit process since our last report published on March 14, 2019. Neither did the UK leave the EU on March 31 nor April 12, May 22, or October 31, 2019. In fact, the UK has not left the EU yet. However, the UK and the EU did reach a new agreement in principle on October 19, 2019.

According to the new Withdrawal Agreement, the UK is due to leave the EU by January 31, 2020, if both the UK and the EU parliaments approve the new Withdrawal Agreement before the date. Both houses of the British Parliament have now approved the Agreement. The ratification process is expected to be completed in time for the deadline. Only in case if this doesn’t occur by January 31, 2020, UK will leave the EU without a deal.

Please find below the updated CIOPORA summary of the main points to bear in mind for the protection of your PBRs, both in the Brexit Deal and the No-Deal Scenario. Please note that, regardless of the outcome, after January 31, 2020, all CPVR titles in force will remain valid in the EU, irrespective of the title-holder’s country of origin and the office where the technical examination was conducted. Nonetheless, all CPVR holders, who have a seat in the UK, are required to designate a procedural representative, who is domiciled or has their seat or an establishment within the EU territory.

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