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Experience the CIOPORA Academy with New Video Campaign

We firmly believe that you have to know a product or a service before opting in. We also believe that once competitors become a part of a long-standing professional community with established traditions, they first and foremost become colleagues. They begin to share their experiences, support each other's learning efforts and advance their careers and the market positions of their companies in the process.

That's why, to support the registration process for the next CIOPORA Academy Workshop on IP for Plants in Washington DC (Sept 5-6, 2018), we have launched our brand new video campaign to bring the CIOPORA Academy experience closer to all participants of the green value chain:

Watch, share and register to become a part of our plant breeders' community and the CIOPORA Academy, your source of knowledge on IP for plants.

CIOPORA expresses gratitude to its members who provided testimonials for this campaign, including:

Mr. Burgert van Dyk | SAPO Trust Mr. Casey Whelan | Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. Mr. Gonzalo A. Moreno | Asocolflores Ms. Hélène Jourdan | Meilland International Ms. V. Yael Miara | Grapa

Video by Lykkefilms, Belgium.

Copyright: The CIOPORA Academy 2018.

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