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UPOV PRISMA and CPVO to Improve Data Exchange in Electronic Applications

Geneva, April 30 - The improvement of the automated application data exchange between UPOV PRISMA and CPVO was on the agenda of the first ISF - CIOPORA - UPOV PRISMA Taskforce meeting. So far, CPVO is one of the two PVP offices participating in UPOV PRISMA with the machine-to-machine data transfer functionality. Currently, the data transfer is possible from UPOV PRISMA to CPVO's online system, whereas, due to discrepancies in TQs, users need to switch platforms to check and complete their CPVR filings and sign each application individually. The Taskforce identified the development priorities for 2021, including enabling the vice versa data transfer from CPVO to UPOV PRISMA in lettuce and rose as pilot species. Additionally, a pilot project on the bulk upload in maize, that will enable submission of multiple applications at the same time from UPOV PRISMA to CPVO, will be finalized. From users' perspective, frequent changes in TQs present a major challenge for breeders who requested offices to explore the possibility of reducing the number of changes and notifying applicants once they occur. UPOV and CPVO will soon define the roadmap, timeline, and resources for the identified priorities in a follow-up meeting.

CIOPORA thanks Hélène Jourdan (Meilland International) for reporting about the Task Force meeting.


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