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UPOV PRISMA 2.5 to be Released in December

Reported by Hélène Jourdan, Meilland

Geneva, October 23 – At the 16th meeting on the development of the UPOV electronic application form, CIOPORA was represented by Hélène Jourdan (Meilland). The participants received a complete overview of the latest developments.

Currently, 25 UPOV members representing 74 countries participate in the latest UPOV PRISMA version 2.4 released in February 2020. Twenty-two of the participating members presently cover all species. The latest software version offers a user-friendly interface, including direct support by the PRISMA team. Out of 450 applications filed so far via UPOV PRISMA by 130 registered users, 30 per cent are in ornamentals and 14 per cent in fruit crops.

The upcoming version 2.5 scheduled for release in December 2020 will incorporate feedback collected from users. The main priority is to optimize usability, including speed, the autosave functions and the expansion of document upload capacities. The 2.5 version will include an enhanced payment interface as well as expanded bulk upload and an option to apply for the UK national listing. Free in its previous versions, currently UPOV PRISMA charges 90 CHF per PVP application, in addition to the regular application fees set by the PVP office in question. In the UK, this fee is currently covered by DEFRA.

While working with the participating PVP offices, PRISMA’s objectives are to expand the crop lists per office, to avoid any additional off-platform document requests from authorities, and to ensure timely application processing and confirmations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, Tanzania and Uzbekistan are expected to join PRISMA tool in version 2.6, that will also include information on DUS co-operations (the DUS Arrangement Tool “DART”) and allow synchronization of Technical Questionnaires between UPOV PRISMA and CPVO.


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