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Three Questions With...Tosca Ferber form Dümmen Orange

When Tosca Ferber arrived as Research Director at Dümmen Orange in 2016, she and her team started to work to develop a system focusing on ornamental crops. This, and also a workflow that involves the whole company, help to respond quickly to the consumer demand for novelty products, one of the main characteristics of the actual market, according to Tosca. Read this attractive interview with Tosca and learn more about the breeding program of Dümmen Orange, the challenges on Intellectual Property Rights, and the current legislation in the EU.

1.- How does Dümmen Orange work in R&D? What is the structure and what innovations have been implemented during the last years?

R&D is one of the pillars of Dümmen Orange and has a strong presence inside the complete company. When I arrived in 2016, our team was using the same process as the vegetable breeding industry: finding resistances, genetically mapping them, developing markers, etc. Then, when we got to know the crops and their targets, we realized that this approach was not the best for this industry, and since then we have been working to develop an exclusive system focused on our ornamental crops.