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Show Support for CIOPORA at the UPOV Seminar on EDV

On October 30 in Geneva, UPOV will hold a seminar on the impact of policy on Essentially Derived Varieties (EDVs) on breeding strategy. The event is of a special significance to CIOPORA, who has been advocating for a broader EDV concept interpretation before UPOV and the member states with the goal to open the UPOV Explanatory Note on EDV.

The seminar presents a perfect opportunity for CIOPORA and its members to raise issues surrounding the current regulation of EDV and to put forward the CIOPORA's position on the subject. The CIOPORA members Micha Danziger, Danziger "DAN" Flower Farm (Israel), and Emma Brown, Plant & Food Research (New Zealand), are scheduled to speak about the impact of EDV concept on the plant breeding in ornamentals and fruits.

CIOPORA members are invited to join the seminar and the 76th UPOV CAJ meeting (Administrative and Legal Committee) on October 30, 2019.

Send us an email to by August 31 if you would like to join the seminar and to support CIOPORA in its advocacy.


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