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SENADI Extends Deadlines for PBR Annual Fees amid COVID-19 Crisis

Quito, April 30 – Responding to the needs of the crisis-hit ornamental sector, the SENADI, the PBR Office of Ecuador, decided to extend deadlines for payments of the PBR maintenance fees.

Per Resolution No. 003-2020-DG-NT-SENADI, the Director of the SENADI Mr Santiago Cevallos has ordered the extension of deadlines for payment of PBR maintenance fees corresponding to 2019 and 2020, regardless of the year of the grant. The extensions will apply as follows:

  • For the commencement dates in 2019 - until the last working day of December 2020;

  • For the commencement dates in 2020 - until the last working day of December 2021.

The following examples apply (1):

As reported by the SENADI and Expoflores, the exports of ornamentals from Ecuador have dropped by 70% in comparison with the usual spring estimate. With this in view, the SENADI is working together with breeders, growers, and all actors of the ornamentals supply chain to assist them amid the crisis.

For more information on the COVID-19 crisis and related regulations in Ecuador, please visit the SENADI COVID-19 Resource Center.



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