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Register for Dec 10 Webinar on IP Protection for the Green Value Chain

Webinar, December 10, 9 AM & 6 PM CET

Intellectual Property Protection in the Green Value Chain: Practical Guidance

Speaker: Emanuela Truffo, Partner,

Studio Legale Jacobacci e Associati, Italy

On December 10, take part in the Webinar on Intellectual Property Protection for the green sector co-organized by AIPH, its magazine FloraCulture International, CIOPORA and CIOPORA lawyer member Studio Legale Jacobacci e Associati. Read the press release

When? December 10, 9 AM & 6 PM CET Whom is it for? All participants of the horticultural value chain, including breeders, nurseries, growers, trade, logistics and retailers. Difficulty level: Introductory Rates: 29.00 EUR MEMBER* / 59.00 EUR GUEST

Please read terms & conditions before registering.

*Members & supporters of AIPH and CIOPORA as well as subscribers of FCI


What will I learn? This webinar will provide green sector players with practical guidance and essential knowledge about the plant IP framework, outlining the benefits of IP protection for the entire value chain and the common pitfalls.

Syllabus: The value chain for the development and commercial exploitation of new varieties of IP rights includes a vast number and variety of stakeholders, each and all of which engage in an industry of floriculture and agriculture that is, at the same time, both hi-tech and traditional. While breeders may have a clear idea of what they can and cannot do, the other stakeholders – from nurseries to department stores, passing through growers, intermediates, and gross marketers – are not always fully aware of the protections provided by national law and international conventions with respect to a Plant Variety Protection (PVP) and, conversely and contemporaneously, of the risks they take if they fail to take account of the broader system of Plant Variety Rights (PVR) in their business activities. Indeed, limiting the discussion of IP related to new varieties exclusively to PVR matters would be incorrect, because trademarks, copyrights and unfair competition are also paramount considerations in a proper analysis and development both of the plant variety right framework and the exploitation of the same in commerce.


About the speaker:

Emanuela Truffo, Partner at Studio Legale Jacobacci e Associati

Emanuela specialises in contentious and non-contentious Intellectual Property matters and commercial litigation across a wide range of local and international practices. She has developed expertise in negotiation and drafting of agreements such as license, non-disclosure, non-compete and coexistence agreements concerning IP rights and copyright as well as for commercial transactions.


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