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Join AIPH Plant Health Conference on March 24!

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) is inviting all players of the ornamental horticulture supply chain to attend the AIPH virtual Plant Health Conference, ‘Working Together for Better Plant Health’ on March 24, 2021. CIOPORA will support the event as an event partner.

The conference, organised by AIPH in association with the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH 2020) and FloraCulture International (FCI) magazine, will focus on what the industry itself is doing to tackle the threats posed by notifiable pests and diseases. The event is free for the registered attendees and will take place via interactive Hopin platform. Registration:

The objectives of this conference are:

  • To share best plant health practices from industry-led initiatives

  • To present research on plant health initiatives in different countries

  • To determine interest in more global cooperation on plant health initiatives.

Many countries have introduced schemes, certification and initiatives, and this conference enables these to be reviewed and compared, and importantly, provides the platform to assess the need for more international collaboration that will further strengthen the industry and reduce plant health threats for the future. Within the conference programme, AIPH will present the results of the first international survey of national plant health initiatives.

Mr. Ralf Lopian, Chair of the International Steering Committee for the IYPH 2020, will open the event, and speakers that follow will be from the ornamentals industry and will explain about national plant health initiatives led by industry in different countries.

This conference will be of interest to growers, breeders, traders, retailers, associations, exhibitions, regulators, and anyone that cares about reducing plant health threats while maintaining a thriving horticultural trade.


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