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IP Australia to Raise PBR fees in October

Canberra, August 10 - IP Australia has announced that to ensure the recovery of its costs from administering IP rights, on October 1, 2020, the office will be raising some of its fees, including those related to Plant Breeders' Rights. The changes in fees result from the review IP Australia has conducted over the past 19 months, including feedback received from a public consultation.

The PBR-related fees affected by the move include inter alia the PBR Application via other means than the "preferred" online application - from $445 to $545, the PBR Renewal by "preferred means" - from $345 to $400, and PBR Renewal by "another means" - from $395 to $450. The fee for designation and the renewal of an approved person will be now charged once per three years (previously - annually) with a total fee increase of $90 over for the triannual period. IP Australia will also introduce a new fee of $20 for offering the expedited post option for urgent document requests. See the full list of new fees.

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