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Four Questions with... Martin Ekvad

Martin Ekvad, President of the Comunity Plant Variety Office

As his ten-year tenure as the President of the Community Plant Variety Office nears its completion, Martin Ekvad has a lot to be proud of. Under his leadership, the CPVO has been successfully implementing the Office digitalization, has managed to reduce the administrative fees, demonstrated openness towards a continuous dialogue with CIOPORA and plant breeders on the concepts of CPVR and the issues of enforcement, and, most recently, provided much-needed support to breeders during the COVID-19 crisis.

To mark Martin’s nearing departure from the CPVO, CIOPORA seized the opportunity for a short personal interview.

Picture: CPVO

CIOPORA (C): Mr. Ekvad, looking back on your time as President of CPVO, what achievement are you most proud of?

Martin Ekvad (ME): Even though we have been under high pressure not to increase the staff headcount,