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President introduces CIOPORA to AUTM Plant Special Interest Group

On February 18 – 21 CIOPORA president Steve Hutton represented CIOPORA at the Annual Meeting of Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) in Phoenix, Arizona. Speaking before the Plant Special Interest Group of AUTM (SIG) on February 19, Steve introduced CIOPORA and its activities to the attendees.

The SIG meetings are informal by design. During the meeting the group discussed various topics including direct licensing vs. exclusive master licensee, commercial use of trademarks on horticultural and agricultural products, asexual propagation of seed varieties (e.g., grading of vegetables), and disclosure of breeding history among other matters.

Steve’s presentation focused on educating the group members about CIOPORA and its recent and ongoing initiatives, encouraging the AUTM Plant SIG members to join the association. Although some of the institutions present dealt only in sexually propagated crops, many expressed interest in CIOPORA. Questions following the presentation showed a high level of engagement with CIOPORA’s goals and accomplishments among the audience, while several attendees reported positive experiences during their past interactions with our organization. Finally, Steve invited all to join the public events during the upcoming CIOPORA AGM in Ghent, Belgium.

CIOPORA Office is seeking to follow up with a handful of attendees, who may be interested in CIOPORA membership. Gaining public institutions with strong political standing as members would further strengthen CIOPORA’s position and lobby activity.

AUTM is a worldwide association and has a membership of over 3.000 managers of Intellectual Property representing more than 300 universities, public research institutions, and teaching hospitals.


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