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CIOPORA Faces: New Pro Bono Positions Assumed by CIOPORA Members

In many areas, CIOPORA relies on its members' pro bono activity on behalf of the association.

We are pleased to present the latest appointments:

Ingrid Slangen (Selecta One, Germany) has been confirmed by the CIOPORA Board as the CIOPORA representative at the EU/CPVO. As of 2020, Ingrid will represent CIOPORA at the CPVO Administrative Council, CPVO Examination Offices Meeting and the bilateral meetings with CPVO. For many years, these pro bono responsibility has been carried out by Dominique Thévenon (AIGN/AOHE). Ingrid will also continue as the Chair of the Crop Section Cut Flowers. The CIOPORA Board thanks both Dominique and Ingrid for their long-term commitment to and engagement on behalf of CIOPORA.

Eric Lundgren (Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, USA) was confirmed by the CIOPORA Board as the Crop Leader Blueberry. The CIOPORA Board thanks Eric for his readiness to assume this pro bono position. As CIOPORA members are active in a great variety of crops, Crop Leaders are appointed to address issues in specific crops. For instance, Crop Leaders' expertise is called upon to make contributions to the TG development in respective crops/species.

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