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CIOPORA Members Promote PVR, CIOPORA Membership in Hainan

Hainan, December 18-19 – Alanna Rennie represented CIOPORA at the Fifth Forum on Forest Genetic Resources and Ecological Construction in Hainan, China, hosted by China's National Academy of Forestry and National Laboratory of Forestry Genetics Breeding. With over 350 participants, mostly Chinese plant breeders, and some high-level officials in attendance, the Forum presented a perfect opportunity to reach out to the Chinese target audience, both promoting CIOPORA membership and educating on Plant Variety Protection. Ms Rennie delivered a presentation on the differences between China's PVR system and those abroad, focusing on the concepts of novelty, exhaustion, harvested material, and provisional protection. Ms Rennie pointed out the difficulties these concepts present to breeders in China and abroad and highlighted how China can play a leading role in pushing Plant Variety Protection beyond its current limits.

Alanna Rennie delivers a PVR-themed presentation at the Fifth Forum on Forest Genetic Resources and Ecological Construction in Hainan, China.

Also in attendance was CIOPORA member Matthias Meilland of Meilland International who was invited to present on the experience of Meilland's breeding and commercialization efforts in China. The story of being a sixth-generation breeder drew amazement from the Chinese breeders, generating inspiration on the possibilities that lay ahead for the Chinese breeders in the room. The CIOPORA members’ contributions to the Forum drew a lot of interest from the Chinese breeders in joining CIOPORA. While reporting on the meeting to the CIOPORA Office Ms Rennie said: “I look forward to watching the developments in this space and seeing how the CIOPORA and Chinese breeding community can benefit from collaboration and mutual sharing of knowledge and experience.”

Reported by Alanna Rennie, Baker McKenzie.

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