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Thank you and Farewell to CIOPORA Germany's Prof Dr Juergen Grunewaldt

February 21 - 22, Hanover - Prof Dr Juergen Grunewaldt has officially announced his retirement from the Executive Secretary role at CIOPORA Germany at the association's Annual General Meeting 2019 on February 21 - 22 in Hanover, Germany. Resigning after heading CIOPORA Germany for fourteen years, he will remain active in the Insitute of Plant Genetics at the Leibniz University of Hanover. Over the course of his career, Prof Grunewaldt has worked at the leading German institutions, including Max Planck Society, University of Hanover and the Ahrensburg Institute for Ornamental Plant Breeding, conducting his academic work in the field of Applied Genetics and Plant Breeding. Over the past fourteen years, Prof Grunewaldt has been a strong link between members of CIOPORA Germany and CIOPORA. His knowledge, experience and valuable contributions to CIOPORA positions and discussions will be missed at CIOPORA meetings. The CIOPORA team bids Prof Grunewaldt farewell and is looking forward to an occasional friendly visit at its headquarters in Hamburg.

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