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UPOV Announces Expansion of its PRISMA PBR Application Tool, Free Use until June 2018

UPOV has released the second version of its PBR Application Tool, formerly known as EAF. The use of the tool will remain free until June 2018.

PRISMA is an online tool for application for Plant Variety Rights, collaboratively developed by UPOV, PVP offices, and plant breeders. The tool currently covers 21 countries and the European Union, while further countries are expected to be added soon. It allows its users to submit PVP applications in the required format to multiple participating Plant Variety Protection offices around the world, whereas the integrated PVP application forms can be displayed in a range of languages. Information provided by users is stored online and can be utilized for further applications in the future. Lean more

The tool is being continuously developed, with more countries and species added in each new version scheduled for release every six months. According to the UPOV's Senior Program Officer Benjamin Rivoire, UPOV's main priority is to ensure that PRISMA is developed in line with needs of breeders and participating PVP offices.

The UPOV PRISMA PBR Application Tool will be the subject of two modules during the upcoming CIOPORA Ghent Workshop on IP for Plants in the framework of the CIOPORA Academy. The registration for the workshop is open and can be undertaken online.

Benjamin Rivoire explains the UPOV PRISMA PBR Application tool in interview with SeedWorld at min 2:45

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