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UPOV PRISMA 2.4: What is New? Full Report

Reported by Hélène Jourdan, the CIOPORA representative at the UPOV PRISMA Development Meetings.

Geneve, March 26 - In the 15th UPOV meeting on the Development of Electronic Application Form conducted via web conference, the UPOV PRISMA team introduced new features of Version 2.4, released on February 24, 2020.

The new V. 2.4 features include:

  • New terms of use that has been accepted by the majority of the users;

  • Reintroduction of the UPOV PRISMA application fee amounting for 90,- CHF per application and country. In most cases, the total fee per application/country will consist of the PRISMA fee and a PBR application fee required by the respective PBR office. Presently, in some cases, such as the UK, the PBR administrative fee (741 GBP) covers the PRISMA fee. Furthermore, in some countries, only a single PRISMA fee will apply to adjoining applications for PBR and national listing, once both are available via PRISMA;

  • New user-friendly interface;

  • 74 countries included, whereas 32 countries accept applications for nearly all crops;

  • 153 registered users, including breeders and agents.

In November 2020, UPOV will release Version 2.5. that will include:

  • New countries: Japan and Singapore. In Phase 1, Japan will accept applications in Rose, Lettuce and Strawberry, subsequently adding further 172 crops in Phase 2. Singapore will accept application in all crops;

  • More crops will be added by China;

  • National listing application will be added for the UK;

  • Payment options will be extended to include Paypal and China's Union Pay. Bulk payments will be enabled.

Download the full report prepared by Hélène Jourdan.

Download the UPOV PRISMA flyer.

Video: Benefits of UPOV PRISMA:


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