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#ThursdayIsLearnDay Webinars in June: CIOPORA Academy Webinars 2/2021

Hamburg, May 5 - The CIOPORA Academy has launched the registration for the second webinar series in 2021. Following the established #ThursdayIsLeanDay principle, the program offers three webinars with two session each in June:

June 3 Plant IP Rights in the USA: Maximizing Returns on IP Investment.

Travis Bliss, Ph.D., and Stephany Small, Ph.D., Panitch Schwarze, USA, explain how to maximize the return on breeder's IP portfolio investments with IP protection instruments available in the USA. Learn which options are most appropriate for a particular variety and your commercialization strategy. Learn more

June 10Criminal Prosecution of PBR Infringement Cases in Italy: Procedural Aspects and Case Law. Italy's courts have generated a rich body of case law in the area of PBR. Nicola Novaro, Law Firm Novaro, and Rossella Pola, Criminal Lawyer, Italy, share their in-depth knowledge of the criminal prosecution of PBR infringement cases in Italy, providing procedural details and examples from the existing case law. Learn more

June 17 Gene Editing: Regulatory Environment Across Jurisdictions.

Policymakers' approach to regulation of gene editing and related new breeding techniques vary across jurisdictions. Learn from Dr. Thorben Sprink, the Senior Researcher at the Julius Kuehn Institute, Germany, what to expect while investing in biotech R&D in different locations worldwide. Learn more

Members and guests are invited to register:


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