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Update, 3.6.20: SNICS Extends Deadlines, Accepts Online PVR Applications via Email and UPOV Prisma

Update, June 3 - The suspension of all procedural terms has been extended by SNICS until further notice.

Mexico City, April 7 – Reacting to the COVID-19 crisis, the Director of the Plant Variety Protection at SNICS, Mr. Victor Vásques Navarrete, has implemented several measures to ensure the continuity of PBR applications and to safeguard the interest of breeders.

Upon CIOPORA's request, Mr. Vásques informed that the measures implemented included:

1. Online Applications. Online PVP applications can be now submitted to SNICS per email to: and

2. UPOV-Prisma: Applicants can continue to use the UPOV PRISMA platform under the following link.