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Highest number of attendees at The CIOPORA Academy

Just like the AGM, the latest edition of the CIOPORA Academy broke all records in terms of participation. The 15th edition of this program had 58 participants and marked the beginning of CIOPORA AGM Week.

Excellent speakers and more participants than ever have contributed to the success of this new edition of a CIOPORA Academy Workshop - the unique education program dedicated to Plant Intellectual Property Rights. Nearly 60 professionals were able to learn from speakers who are global leaders in their professional fields. Great presentations and an enriching discussion around the most important challenges posed by the protection of new varieties were what we experienced during a day in Alexandria.

The lectures presented were dealing with topics related to the Chinese market (import of plant material, National Listings, and a case study about enforcing Plant Breeders’ Rights), as well as the U.S. horticultural business, looking closer at how to protect the import of plants by PVP. The audience was also updated about the recent amendments in the Japanese PVP law, and got valuable insights into the global commercialization of a new variety from the perspective of a plant varieties manager. Lively discussions and the exchange of experiences of the international participants, whether ornamental, fruit or cannabis breeders, were wrapping-up each of the presentations.

Again, many thanks to our dedicated speakers for putting invaluable time and effort into the further education of our industry's professionals. However, our great thanks go also to the participants of this CIOPORA Academy Workshop, and to their positive feedback in the corridors, through emails, the post-event survey, and on social media. It's a great incentive for the next CIOPORA Academy events coming up this year:

* First Learners Webinar Series starting on June 1 - register NOW ! * The CIOPORA Academy Workshop in Hong Kong on September 5, 2023 * The CIOPORA Academy Workshop in Madrid on October 2, 2023

* The CIOPORA Breeding Academy Webinars in November / December


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