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Ecuador Adopts New Implementing Norm for Código Ingenios

Quito, November 17 - Ecuadorian Government has officially signed the new Implementing Norm to the so-called Código Ingenios. CIOPORA Board member Dean Rule represented the breeder community at the event on the occasion of the norm adoption.

The document includes a chapter on Plant Variety Protection. One novel point of the norm is the so-called “Expedited Process of Application”. According to this “expedited process”, PBR applicants can speed up the application process by presenting the DUS results of their own examination, provided that the examination is conducted in compliance with the UPOV or the national Technical Guidelines and is signed by a notary.

While CIOPORA welcomes the issuance of the Regulatory Norm, it does not solve the issues of Ecuador's IP Code. CIOPORA will continue to urge Ecuador to review the Código Ingenios and to bring their PBR legislation to the highest international standard.


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