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CPVO's COVID-19 Relief Measures End on September 21

September 21, Angers - The Community Plant Variety Office (CVPO) has reminded its stakeholders that as of today, September 21, the measures introduced by the Office via the CPVO Decision of April 27, 2020 (in force since May 4), will no longer apply. The measures included the extensions of the annual fee and examination fee payments for the CPVR applicants and title-holders.

CPVO is now reverting to the usual procedure with a one-month payment deadline upon the reminder date. The announcement includes a detailed explanation of the consequences of the unpaid fees, falling outside the scope of the CPVO decision of 27 April.

While this specific rule will no longer apply and all stakeholders are kindly asked to comply with the regular CPVO procedures, as it has always been CPVO's policy, the Office may treat individual deadline extension requests with discretion as long as requests are submitted before due date and are supported by documentation.


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