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CIOPORA asks CPVO to Reconsider Fee Procedure for DUS Takeover

Hamburg/Angers, April 2 - According to the current CPVO proceedings, an applicant is still charged a fee for the takeover of a DUS examination report, even if no such report is issued. For instance, when an application is submitted before a Member State, and posteriori before the CPVO, yet the technical examination is not further carried out (i.e. due to a withdrawal of the application), breeders are nonetheless charged the takeover fee by CPVO, although no DUS report exists. In CIOPORA's opinion such a fee should only be due upon the actual use of a DUS report by the CPVO, i.e. when the examination report has been issued and is used by the CPVO as a basis for the grant of the CPVR title.


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