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Australia Amends PVR and Trademark Regulations to Allow for Fee Exemptions

Canberra, June 12 - In response to COVID-19 crisis, Australia has introduced amendments to its PBR (1995) and Trade mark (1994) regulations to provide Registrars new powers to exempt specified classes of persons from the payment of the whole or part of a fee prescribed in the regulations.

The purpose of these new exemptions is to address the financial consequences of the pandemics while preventing applicants and rights holders from losing valuable IP rights. The Registrars can exercise the new exemption power if they are reasonably satisfied that an exemption is justified, having regard to all the circumstances.

The new exemption powers will continue to benefit applicants and rights holders after the pandemic ceases. They will do this by giving IP Australia similar flexibility of financial management of its Plant Breeder’s Rights and Trade marks functions as it currently has for its patent and designs functions.


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