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Andalucia Roadtrip: CIOPORA Visits Members in Fruit-Rich Southern Spain

Andalucia, May 14 - 16 - CIOPORA Secretary General Edgar Krieger and CIOPORA Treasurer Dominique Thévenon spent three days on the road in Southern Spain visiting member companies in the fruit-rich region. The road trip took them from Sevilla over Huelva region to Córdoba where they met with CIOPORA members Eurogenetic, Royal Berries, Plantas Continental, and Phytoplant, additionally making a stop at the premises of the Geslive member Planasa. The talks at the companies evolved around member needs and IP-related problems their companies face while conducting their day-to-day business activities. The trip is a part of the regular member visits undertaken by CIOPORA in various regions across the world on the annual or semi-annual basis. Regular personal engagement with its membership allows CIOPORA to remain close to its member base and to better understand their IP and PBR-related concerns.

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